Voluntary medical male circumcision and adolescents: An opportunity for nurses to contribute to an HIV-free generation

Publish Date: March 2013
Author: Alice Christensen, Tigistu Adamu Ashengo, Débora Bossemeyer, Augustino Hellar, Hally Mahler, Edgar Necochea, Kelly Curran
Language: English

Co-authored by MCHIP staff, this article makes the case that voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) services—which target healthy, HIV-negative males, especially adolescents—provide an important opportunity for provision of preventive health services with this population. In particular, VMMC services present a chance to offer these young men HIV testing and counseling, and screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, as well as to present positive sexual norms and behaviors before they enter into the prime of their sexual lives. Nurses can play an especially important role in VMMC services by creating demand for and providing high-quality, age-appropriate VMMC services to this next generation.

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