Taking Stock of MCHIP Efforts Around Quality Improvement and Quality Assessment

Publish Date: April 2011
Author: MCHIP
Language: English

MCHIP brings together a strong set of players in the field of maternal and child health (MCH). Each MCHIP partner has unique technical expertise with regards to Quality Improvement (QI) and Quality Assessment (QA) activities. Program partners also have specific knowledge about and experience with using different QI/QA approaches and tools. Given MCHIP’s decentralized nature, the number of partners involved in the project and the speed with which MCHIP has expanded around the world at the country-level, an “internal inventory” to take stock of “what MCHIP is doing at country-level in terms of QI/QA” should prove a valuable resource both to those MCHIP staff who are already working to assess and/or strengthen QI/QA and to those who are considering implementing similar activities.

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