Penile Measurements in Tanzanian Males: Guiding Circumcision Device Design and Supply Forecasting

Publish Date: March 2013
Author: Kristin Chrouser, Eva Bazant, Linda Jin, Baldwin Kileo, Marya Plotkin, Tigistu Adamu, Kelly Curran, Sifuni Koshuma
Language: English

Co-authored by MCHIP staff, the article describes a study conducted at three health facilities in Tanzania’s Iringa Region to gather data on penile measurements that will inform the development of devices for adult/adolescent voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC).

Such devices could potentially accelerate the pace of VMMC scale-up. This descriptive study is the first study in a sub-Saharan African population that provides sufficiently detailed dimensions of the glans and foreskin to inform VMMC device development and size forecasting.

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