Package of Malaria in Pregnancy Resources

Publish Date: July 2013
Author: MCHIP
Language: English, French

MCHIP has compiled a collection of current malaria in pregnancy (MIP) technical and programmatic information that is particularly useful to inform individuals involved in development, management and implementation of MIP programs. The package is comprised of nine files that are organized in sequence to facilitate a self-guided review and knowledge update on MIP.

The first document below summarizes the purpose of the package and contents of the 9 files. All of the files are available below for download in both English and French.


Attachment Size
Malaria in Pregnancy Resources combined in one file.pdf 3.44 MB
00. Overview of Malaria in Pregnancy Resources.pdf 166.77 KB
01. MIP questions and answers.pdf 129.43 KB
02. MIP Briefer updated 2.28.2013.pdf 1.86 MB
03. WHO Guidance for MIP Prevention and Treatment.pdf 150.31 KB
04. IPTp_sp_updated_policy_recommendation_en_102012.pdf 328.31 KB
05. Policy_brief_IPTp-SP_implementation_11april2013.pdf 161.21 KB
06. MIP in Five African Countries_Formatted_5.16.2013.pdf 899.43 KB
07. Summary of common MIP program issues and recommendations.pdf 137.3 KB
08. MIP health systems approach presentation 1.30.2013.pdf 934.51 KB
09. Stages of MIP Program Implementation.pdf 22.99 KB
Tous ressources de PPG dans un seul fichier.pdf 4.32 MB
00. Resume du paquet de ressources pour le PPG.pdf 171.28 KB
01. Questionnaire PPG avec reponses et justifications.pdf 117.92 KB
02. MIP Briefer Fr updated 2.28.2013.pdf 1.86 MB
03. Directives de l’OMS pour le PPG.pdf 143.53 KB
04. TPIp SP mise a jour de la politique OMS 102012.pdf 114.69 KB
05. IPTp-SP_final_2013.04.11 French.pdf 374.38 KB
06. MIP in Five African Countries_Formatted_5.16.2013.pdf 899.43 KB
06a. MIP in Five African Countries_Mali_French.pdf 786.21 KB
07. Sommaire des constatations communes et recommandations du programme de PPG.pdf 142.99 KB
08. Presentation sur l’approche d’un systeme de sante PPG 1.30.2013.pdf 234.32 KB
09. Matrice d’Etapes de la Mise en Oeuvre d’un Programme de PPG.pdf 25.28 KB