MAMA “APONJON” Formative Research Report

Publish Date: December 2013
Author: Mahfruha Alam, Atik Ahsan, Rahat Bashir, Ananya Raihan, Radha Rajan, Smisha Agarwal, Amnesty Lefevre, Caitlin Kennedy, Alain Labrique
Language: English

In Bangladesh, the MAMA initiative, branded Aponjon, delivers stage-based essential health messages to expectant and new mothers and their families across Bangladesh via mobile phones. The Aponjon service commenced with a formative research phase to build local partnerships, tailor content, develop information delivery channels, and build brand awareness among target stakeholder groups. A joint team from The Johns Hopkins University Global mHealth Initiative and Dnet analyzed data from the formative research phase to identify: a) the most effective programmatic strategies to guide the future implementation of  Aponjon, based on preliminary evidence for the formative research phase; and b) gaps in the existing data monitoring and evaluation system and guide future avenues for implementation.

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