Estimation of National Coverage of Uterotonic in the Third Stage of Labor: Report of the Meeting of the Expert Panel (Mozambique)

Publish Date: April 2013
Author: MCHIP, Mozambique Ministry of Health
Language: English

To attempt to overcome the lack of national coverage data for the key intervention of uterotonic in the third stage of labor, in consultation with WHO, from April to June 2013 MCHIP piloted a rapid estimation exercise in three countries—Mozambique, Tanzania, and one state in India. After an initial desk review, MCHIP worked with the MOH and in-country technical organizations to convene a half-day, in-country expert panel discussion to make the estimate, using existing information and an algorithm developed by MCHIP. It is hoped that this pilot experience can spur the activity in other countries, highlight the need for better information, and, most important, spur action to improve coverage.

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