Equity Matters: Lessons from MCHIP and CSHGP in Measuring and Improving Equity

Publish Date: June 2014
Author: MCHIP
Language: English

MCHIP worked with the Child Survival and Health Grants Program (CSHGP) to provide technical assistance and to share grantees’ experiences and expertise within MCHIP programming. Key to achieving impact at scale is making sure that interventions reach those who need them most and there is equitable distribution of coverage across socioeconomic, ethnic, gender, and other population groups within countries. This is the question of equity.

This document defines health equity and illuminates how it can be improved, including descriptions of guidance developed under MCHIP, examples of implementation of relevant strategies by MCHIP country programs and CSHGP projects, and use of monitoring and evaluation to demonstrate improved health equity.

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