Community and Health Worker Perceptions and Preferences Regarding Integration of Other Health Services With Routine Vaccinations: Four Case Studies

Publish Date: March 2012
Author: Tove K. Ryman, Aaron Wallace, Richard Mihigo, Patricia Richards, Karen Schlanger, Kelli Cappelier, Serigne Ndiaye, Ndoutabe Modjirom, Baba Tounkara, Gavin Grant, Blanche Anya, Emmanuel C. Kiawi, Cliff Ochieng, Sekou Kone, Habtamu Tesfaye, Nathan Trayner, Margaret Watkins, and Elizabeth T. Luman.
Language: English

Case studies on integration of routine vaccination and other maternal and child health services from four African countries—Kenya, Mali, Ethiopia and Cameroon—published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases. Highlights related knowledge gaps among community members and health workers.

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