Addressing equity and reaching the underserved and unreached in India

Publish Date: May 2013
Author: Singh Sagar K., Taneja G., Mishra S., Mentey V.K., Gupta S.

An article by MCHIP staff on “reaching the unreached” in India was published in a book of proceedings of the 13th World Congress on Public Health. The article, entitled “Addressing equity and reaching the underserved and unreached in India,” focuses on MCHIP’s work to improve the coverage and quality of immunization services through support to the universal immunization programme (UIP).

The 13th World Congress on Public Health was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from 23-27 April 2012. Hosted by The Ethiopian Public Health Association, the theme of the Congress was “Towards Global Health Equity: Opportunities and Threats.” It was attended by thousands of public health researchers, academics, scientists, educators, programmers, and policy makers from around the world.