A Wealth of Opportunity: Partnering with CORE and CORE Group Members

Publish Date: June 2002
Author: CORE Group, Beryl Levinger, Ph.D., Jean McLeod
Language: English

CORE Group members are valuable partners for other actors in the maternal and child health arena. In addition to their strong desire for collaborative work and their long-standing ties to communities, CORE members bring high-level technical skills and critical resources to their work. CORE Group members routinely engage in rigorous testing of new methodologies while sharing what they have learned with colleague institutions and relevant policymakers. When CORE Group members partner with national ministries of health and district level health offices, they often serve as a bridge between the mother undergoing a risk-laden pregnancy and the government functionary drafting new national health sector policies. By drawing on the distinctive strengths of CORE PVOs, donors and other development actors maximize their returns on the investments they make in primary health care programs geared toward vulnerable women and children in developing and transitional societies.

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