Neonatal Handwashing Study, Serang, Indonesia

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This study aimed to answer questions around the context and practices of handwashing among those who come into contact with newborns in Indonesia, with the objective of learning how to introduce and strengthen the practice of handwashing among new mothers, caregivers and birth attendants.

Factors Affecting Delivery Location in Indonesia


The goal of this study was to increase our understanding of the reasons women choose either to stay home or deliver in a facility, and to determine the breakdown of facilities used in the public sector compared to the private sector. Overall, this study will inform programmatic decision-making in an effort to reduce barriers to access and increase the number …

Testing innovative maternal, newborn, and child health approaches to serve vulnerable communities: USAID’s partnerships with 14 International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) through the Child Survival & Health Grants Program in 16 countries


This brief provides an overview of the international nongovernmental organizations-designed innovations currently supported by the Child Survival and Health Grants Program, and the operations research poised to advance policies and strategies at the national and global levels.