Handwashing in the Perinatal Period

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The purpose of this literature review and synthesis of qualitative research studies from Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Kenya is three-fold: To report on a systematic review of the biomedical literature regarding handwashing in the perinatal period in low- and middle-income country contexts. To synthesize the information available from the MCHIP- and USAID-funded qualitative research studies on the motivators and barriers, and …

Handwashing Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices in Korogocho (Nairobi) and Bondo (Nyanza)


This assessment evaluates the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of mothers of infants under 28 days of age and of health care providers in two disparate, but resource-poor settings in Kenya: a rural area in Bondo (Nyanza) and Korogocho slums (Nairobi). The findings showed that new mothers in urban slums and rural areas do not have sufficient knowledge or do not …

Barriers to and Motivators of Handwashing Behavior in the Neonatal Period

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This study was conducted in the rural area of Habiganj district, Bangladesh, among mothers of neonates and infants, other female caregivers, fathers, and traditional birth attendants. Given the high burden of neonatal mortality in Bangladesh and observational evidence that handwashing may substantially reduce neonatal mortality, this study aims to identify barriers to and motivators of handwashing among mothers and other …

Neonatal Handwashing Study, Serang, Indonesia

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This study aimed to answer questions around the context and practices of handwashing among those who come into contact with newborns in Indonesia, with the objective of learning how to introduce and strengthen the practice of handwashing among new mothers, caregivers and birth attendants.