Happy Mother’s Day— Celebrating Mothers as Caregivers and Caretakers

- A Message from Koki Argarwal, MCHIP Director

No woman should have to lose her life giving life. Yet each year, more than half a million women die and many more suffer from largely preventable complications related to pregnancy or childbirth.  When we lose a mother, her children face an enormous risk of dying.

On this Mother's Day, we honor those we have lost and recognize those who have contributed to the decades of work to research, prevent and treat the major causes of maternal death and disability in countries around the world.

On May 9, let us recommit ourselves to improving the health and well-being of women, children and newborns everywhere as we celebrate women for giving and protecting life- as both caregivers and caretakers.
I invite you to learn more about such women and their courageous stories by visiting the USAID website and sending a Mother's Day ecard to the special women in your life.

Click here for a Mother's Day message from Dr. Rajiv Shah, administrator, USAID.