Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Timor-Leste and Zimbabwe Recommended for Introduction of Pneumococcal and/or Rotavirus Vaccines in 2012

Earlier this year, MCHIP provided technical assistance to the Governments of Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania and Timor-Leste as they prepared applications to the GAVI Alliance for pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines.  GAVI received a total of 74 applications from 50 countries, which were reviewed by the GAVI Independent Review Committee (IRC) in July. The GAVI Alliance Board will consider endorsing the IRC recommendations for final approval in September.

We are happy to report that all of the countries assisted by MCHIP were recommended for approval or approval with clarifications or conditions. The table below lists countries, vaccines, and expected introduction dates.

Table 1. MCHIP-supported Countries Approved for New Vaccine Introduction, July 2011.
Country                     Vaccine                   Expected Introduction Date
Kenya                        Rotavirus                 2013
Rwanda                    Rotavirus                 2012
Tanzania                   Pneumococcal       2012
Tanzania                   Rotavirus                 2013
Timor-Leste             Pentavalent             2012
Zimbabwe                Pneumococcal       2012
Zimbabwe                Rotavirus                 2013

Although pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines have been available in the US for many years, they have not been widely used in developing countries because of cost. WHO estimates that 20% of under-five mortality is vaccine-preventable; moreover, GAVI estimates that their support to rolling out the pneumococcal vaccines in more than 40 countries by 2015 will potentially avert more than 650,000 future deaths.

In the coming months, MCHIP will provide technical assistance to DRC, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Timor-Leste to prepare for smooth vaccine introduction. For more information, visit the GAVI Alliance website: