Join us at the Asia Regional Meeting on Interventions for Impact in Essential Obstetric and Newborn Care

You are cordially invited to attend the Asia Regional Meeting on Interventions for Impact in Essential Obstetric and Newborn Care, to be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 4-6 May 2012, with an opening ceremony and optional supplementary sessions on 3 May 2012.

Organized by the Government of Bangladesh, USAID’s flagship Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Integrated Program (MCHIP), and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-supported Oxytocin Initiative, in collaboration with Women Deliver, VSI, FIGO, and ICM, this three-day meeting will focus on postpartum hemorrhage (PPH), pre-eclampsia/ eclampsia (PE/E) and other aspects of maternal and newborn health. The meeting will bring together maternal and newborn health leaders, and experienced clinicians and program managers to support accelerated implementation and expansion of maternal and newborn health programs in countries in Asia and the Middle East.

The first day will include an overview of global and regional progress to date in the reduction of maternal mortality and an update on new global guidelines for PPH. It will engage participants in a technical discussion on PPH prevention and treatment, including a review of issues related to quality and availability of uterotonics and maternal health supplies. The second and third days will allow time to deliberate on management of pre-eclampsia and review PE/E program implementation experience, as well as interventions for newborns, including an entire afternoon devoted to skill building sessions and opportunities to more deeply explore some technical issues related to service delivery and training. True to the global perspective, the meeting will emphasize PPH, PE/E and newborn initiatives from the platform of Essential Obstetric and Newborn Care and discuss it with respect to the broader Maternal and Newborn Health context in general, exploring themes of innovation, scale up and measurement.

Overall Meeting objectives include:

  • To present and discuss global scientific and technical information on prevention, early detection and management of PPH and PE/E, and special care for newborns
  • To review/discuss programmatic experiences and progress in the implementation of newborn care and PPH prevention/management programs in Asia/the Middle East
  • To review and consider an appropriate programmatic platform for the scale up of PPH reduction and newborn care programs and the initiation or expansion of PE/E reduction programs that can be implemented at multiple levels of the health system
  • To develop knowledge and greater understanding of selected interventions in maternal and newborn health
Nutrition Symposium, 9:00 – 17:00
MCHIP and partners will hold a pre-meeting technical symposium on 3 May to discuss maternal anemia control and calcium supplementation--two high-impact interventions that reduce maternal, newborn and child mortality. The discussion will consider existing and emerging evidence that maternal iron-folic acid supplementation reduces maternal and child mortality and the evidence behind WHO’s recent recommendation that women take calcium during pregnancy to prevent PE/E. Program considerations for anemia control and calcium supplementation will be presented and discussed. A mapping exercise will help workshop participants determine the barriers and facilitating factors to country programs. This symposium is open to all meeting participants. Registration is required. (Click here to see the agenda.)

Helping Babies Breathe Orientation, 15:30 – 18:00

MCHIP and the Laerdal Foundation, in collaboration with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), is holding an afternoon pre-meeting orientation for meeting participants to demonstrate a set of training materials to improve service providers’ knowledge and skills in newborn resuscitation -- Helping Babies Breathe. This orientation is open to all meeting participants. Registration is required.
Dates: 3-6 May 2012
3 May: Nutrition Symposium and Helping Babies Breathe Orientation
3 May: Opening Ceremony and Dinner
4-6 May: Asia Regional Meeting on Interventions for Impact in Essential Obstetric and Newborn Care
Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh (Ruposhi Bangla Hotel, Dhaka)
Registration: Visit to register
(registration fee: $225 – additional registration for nutrition meeting. This fee includes daily lunch and meeting costs.)
Language: All meetings in this event will be held in English.
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