Country Overview

Funding Began 2011

MCHIP Partners Involved 

Key Partners in Country MOH RCI, UNICEF, WHO and others
Technical Scope
  • Routine immunization


National Scale 
Technical assistance will center on further improving the RCI computerized polio surveillance system, including information analysis and planning. MCHIP will work primarily through existing rayon-based NGO projects, and liaise with the MOH and international immunization partners to fill technical gaps. Activities will initially focus on improving monitoring at the rayon level.  

Targeted Geographic Focus At the rayon (local) level, activities will focus on two areas: (1) strengthening  public health linkages for improving immunization coverage; and (2) improved risk group identification in areas with inadequate immunization coverage.

Key Activities:

  • Build capacity for monitoring and evaluation analysis at national and rayon levels.
  • Improve evidence-based program planning and prioritization at the district level for identifying and immunizing groups and areas with inadequate immunization.
  • Improve partner coordination on immunization aimed at an integrated, public health approach for maintaining optimal immunization coverage at local and community levels.
Major Expected Results
  • National/rayon level guidelines developed with MCHIP technical input.
  • National EPI staff trained with MCHIP technical support.
  • Rayon immunization plans developed with MCHIP technical support.
  • Rayons implementing MCHIP-supported approaches.
  • Government, NGO and donor agencies jointly developing and implementing rayon-specific and national plans to improve and sustain immunization coverage.
  • Existing programs and organizations adding or increasing their own support for routine immunization. 

Country Profile

Select Health and Demographic Data for Kyrgyzstan
GDP per capita (USD) 860.00
Total Population 5,365,167
Maternal Health
Maternal Mortality Ratio (deaths/100,000 live births) 81
Percent of maternal deaths due to HIV -
Skilled birth attendant coverage 98
Antenatal care, 4+ visits 81
Newborn Health
Neonatal mortality rate (deaths/1,000 live births) 19
Infant mortality rate (deaths/1,000 live births) 33
Child Health
Under-five mortality (deaths/1,000 live births) 38
Treatment for acute respiratory infection 62
Oral rehydration therapy for treatment of diarrhea 20.4
Diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus vaccine coverage (3 doses) 96
Percent of districts with >80% DPT3 coverage -
DPT3 coverage equity ratio (wealthiest:poorest quintile) -
Family Planning
Modern contraceptive prevalence rate 48
Total fertility rate 2.5
HIV Prevalence, adult 0.3
ART coverage, adult 12
Health Systems
Density of physicians (per 1,000 population) 2.301
Density of nurses & midwives (per 1,000 population) 5.66
Total Health Expenditure per capita (USD) 57.00
Sources: Demographic information and health systems, MMR, SBA, ANC4, Newborn health, Child Health, and Family Planning, World Bank; Infant mortality rate, Under-5 mortality rate, Total fertility rate, DPT3 coverage, DPT3 percent districts >80%, ART coverage and maternal deaths due to HIV, and Malaria, WHO; HIV prevalence, UNAIDS 2010 Global Report; DPT3 equity ratio, USAID; Treatment for acute respiratory infection, UNICEF
* Children aged <5 years sleeping under insecticide-treated nets (%)